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air force fighter pilot f16 fighting falcon military fighter pilot in f15

Here we show you what these common abbreviations mean. Many of these acronyms are used mostly by the US Military (USAF).

3M maintenance and material management (MMM)

AWSI avionics-weapons system integration

A/A air-to-air

A/C air conditioner

A/C aircraft

A/D analog/digital

A/S airspeed

AAA anti-aircraft artillery

AAA artifacts, agents and activities

AAAA army aviation association of america

AAB aviation armament bulletin (tdc 57)

AAC aircraft armament change (tdc 56)

AAI aircraft armament inc (aai corp baltimore)

AALC amphibious assault landing craft

AALCT amphibious assault landing craft

AAR air-to air receive

AATR air-to-air transmit/receive mode

AAW anti-air warfare

AAWBOT aviation antisubmarine warfare basic operator trainer

ABC analog backup computer

ABEC analog backup engine control

ABECL left engine abec

ABECR right engine abec

ABF advanced beam former (searchlight)

ABIT automatic built-in test

ABIU avionics bay interface unit

ABL allocated baseline

ABU analog backup

AC alternating current

AC armament computer

ACADA advanced chemical agent detector and alarm

ACALS army computer-aided acquistion & logistics support

ACAS application control architecture services

ACB aircrew bulletin (tdc 67)

ACC accept

ACC aircrew change (tdc 66)

ACC american communications corp

ACCB aircraft change control board

ACCE aircraft change control board

ACCS advanced communications control system

ACE acquisition career enhancement

ACE aircraft common equipment

ACFT aircraft

ACI allocated configuration identification

ACK acknowledge

ACLS auto carrier landing system (an/spn-xx)

ACMS air combat maneuvering system

ACMS air combat maneuvering simulator

ACMT automated configuration management tool

ACN advance change notice

ACO administrative contracting officer

ACS access

ACSIT aegis combat system interactive trainer

ACSUBS aircraft subsystems

ACT actuator

ACTR actuator

ACTS air combat training systems (pmtrade)

AD destroyer tender (material support)

AD/PE acquisition director / project engineer

ADA air defense artillery

ADA airborne data automation

ADA name (not acronym) of high level computer programming language

ADC air data computer

ADCAP advanced capability (mk 48 torpedo)

ADCS airborne data collection system

ADDR address

ADF automatic direction finder

ADI attitude director indicator

ADL authorized data list

ADLAT advanced low altitude technique

ADP automatic data processing

ADPA american defense preparedness association

ADPSO automatic data processing security officer

ADS air data system

ADS automated data system

ADSU air direction sensing unit

ADU air data unit

ADU audio distribution unit

AE ammunition ship (underway replenishment)

AEA auxillary engine assembly

AED active expendable decoy

AEL allowance equipage list

AEMS aircraft engine management system

AEO all engines operating

AESAT avionics & electrical systems advanced trainer

AF air force

AF store ship (underway replenishment)

AFA audio frequency amplifier

AFB airframe bulletin (tdc 74)

AFC airframe change (tdc 50)

AFCS automatic flight control system

AFDB large auxiliary floating dry dock (non self-propelled)

AFDL small auxiliary floating dry dock (non self-propelled)

AFDM medium auxiliary floating dry dock (non self-propelled)

AFFTC air force flight test center

AFLC air force logistics command

AFPRO air force plant representative office

AFS a distributed product of transarc

AFS combat store ship (underway replenishment)

AFSC air force systems command

AFSC air force speciality code

AFT after

AFTA advanced first term avionics

AFTRBDY afterbody

AFWL air force weapons laboratory

AG miscellaneous auiliary ship

AGB accessory gear box

AGDS deep submergence support ship (misc)

AGEH hydrofoil research ship (misc)

AGF miscellaneous command ship

AGFF frigate research ship (misc)

AGL above ground level

AGM missile range instrumentation ship (misc)

AGOR oceanographic research ship (misc)

AGOS ocean surveillance ship (misc)

AGP patrol craft tender (misc)

AGR air to ground ranging

AGS surveying ship (misc)

AGSI stabilized glide slope indicator (shipboard)

AGSS auxiliary research submarine (misc)

AH hospital ship (misc)

AHD ahead

AHIP army helicopter improvement program

AHRS attitude heading reference system

AIB action item browser

AIC air intercept controller

AIC allowance item code

AIC anti-ice command

AIF airborne inhabited fighter

AIL asset interchange language

AIM authoring instructional materials program

AIMD aircraft intermediate maintenance dept

AIMS altitude identification and measuring system

AIOL add oil level

AIPF anti-ice valve position failure

AIS automatic information system

AIT aircraft interface tester

AIT automated interactive target

AIVP anti-ice valve position

AIVPC anti-ice valve position command

AIVPFL anti-ice valve position failure left engine

AIVPFR anti-ice valve position failure right engine

AIVPL anti-ice valve position left engine

AIVPR anti-ice valve position right engine

AIX ibm advanced interactive executive operating system (ibm)

AJPO ada joint program office

AK cargo ship (misc)

AKA also known as

AL aluminum

ALC alternate logistic support analysis control number

ALOAF asset library open architecture framework

ALPS automated library publishing system

ALRT alert

ALT altimeter

ALT altitude

ALTAIR automated labor/time and attendance input and reporting

ALTMS automated library technical manual system

ALWT advanced lightweight torpedo

AM amplitude modulation

AMAC aircraft monitor control

AMC acquisition method code

AME aviation metalsmith (environmental control syst)

AMP acquisition management plan

AMRAAM advanced medium range air-to-air missile

AMS asset management system

AMSDL acquisition management system and data requirements list

AMST advanced medium range stol transport

ANDVT advanced narrowband digital voice terminal

ANS artificial neural systems

ANSI american national standards institute

ANT antenna

ANT/DET antenna/detector

ANVIS aviator's night vision imaging system

AO oiler (underway replenishment)

AOA angle of attack

AOE fast combat support ship (underway replenishment)

AOG gasoline tanker (misc)

AOILL add oil left engine

AOILR add oil right engine

AOR annual operating requirement

AOR replenishment oiler (underway replenishment)

AOT transport oiler

AP acquisition plan

AP transport (misc)

APADE automated purchase and accounting data entry

APARS automated printing and retrieval system

APB self-propelled barracks ship (misc)

APC acquistion professional community

APC approach power compensator

API armor piercing incendiary

APL allowance parts list

APN aviation procurement navy

APN1 apn funds budget one, weapon system production dollars

APN2 apn funds budget area two, minor non-weapon system <$10k

APN3 apn funds budget area three, non-weapon system procurement

APP advanced procurement plan

APP applications portability profile

APPL/A ada process programming language based on aspen

APPR approach

APROX approximately

APS avionic processing system

APSE ada program support environment

APU auxiliary power unit

AQP airworthiness qualification plan

AR repair ship (material support)

ARBS angle rate bombing set

ARC airborne radio communications

ARC cable repairing ship (misc)

ARCS automated reusable components system

ARD arinc and discrete circuit card

ARD auxiliary repair dry dock (non self-propelled)

ARDM medium auxiliary repair dry dock (non self-propelled)

ARH arli-radiation homer

ARINC aeronautical radio inc

ARM anti radiation missile

ARMT armament

ARN aeronautical radio navigation

ARPS advanced radar processing system

ARS aerial refueling store

AS airspeed

AS submarine tender (material support)

ASAC anti-submarine air controller

ASB airborne software bulletin (tdc 94)

ASC airborne sofware change (tdc 93)

ASCII american standard computer information interchange

ASD assistant secretary of defense

ASDS airborne serial data system

ASE aircraft survivability equipment

ASEMICAP air systems emi corrective action

ASG aeronautical standards group

ASI&CS acoustic sensor integration and control sys

ASIS ada semantic interface specification

ASIS anti submarine information system

ASITS adaptable surface interface units

ASIU aircraft system interface unit

ASL above sea level

ASM actuator signal management

ASN assistant secretary of the navy

ASO aviation supply office (philadelphia)

ASPJ airborne self-protection jammer (alq-165)

ASPK accompanying spare parts kit

ASR submarine rescue ship (fleet support)

ASROC anti-submarine rocket (launch sys)

ASSET asset source for software engineering technology

ASSY assembly

AST aircraft system trainer

ASTAB auto status board

ASTM american society for testing and materials

ASU/STWCS anti surface/strike warfare control system

ASW anti-submarine warfare

ASWCSI antisubmarine warfare combat system (mk 116, mod 5)

ASWIXS antisubmarine warfare information exchange

ASWOC anti-submarine warfare operations center

ATA auxiliary ocean tug (fleet support)

ATC air traffic control

ATC mini-armored troop carrier (river/roadstead craft)

ATCH attach/attachment

ATE automatic test equipment

ATF afloat training group

ATF fleet ocean tug (fleet support)

ATIS advanced technical information system (navsea)

ATIS atherton tool integration services (dec)

ATIS automatic terminal information service

ATLAS abbreviated test language for avionics systems

ATMS automatic text management system

ATP acceptance test procedure

ATR air transport rack

ATS academic trainer system

ATS salvage and rescue ship (fleet support)

ATSS aviation training support system

ATT attitude

ATTCH attach/attachment

AU airborne unit

AUD audio

AUF airborne uninhabited fighter

AUTO automatic

AUTOVON automatic voice network

AUX auxilliary

AV audio visual

AV avionics

AVAIL available

AVB avionics bulletin (tdc 55)

AVC avionics change (tdc 54)

AVCCB air vehicle configuration control board

AVIM aviation intermediate maintenance

AVM guided missile ship

AVSS automated voice switching system subsystem

AVT automatic video tracker

AVT auxiliary aircraft landing training ship (misc)

AVUM aviation unit maintenance

AWACS airborne warning and control system

AWAVS aviation wide angle visual system

AWB airborne weapon bulletin (tdc 76)

AWC air warfare commander

AWC airborne weapon change (tdc 75)

AWCAP airborne weapons corrective program

AWG airborne weapons group

AWM awaiting maintenance

AWP awaiting parts

AWSACS all weather standoff attack control system

AYB accessory bulletin (tdc 58)

AYC accessory change (tdc 61)

AZ azimuth

f-16 being refueled by a kc-135 over iraqi war zone

B bottom

B/B bell/boeing

B/F blade fold

B/U backup

BAFO best and final offer

BALT barometric altitude

BAT battery

BATT battery

BAUD characters xmitted/sec serially from a computer holding reg

BB battleship

BB broadband

BBC backup bus controller

BC bus controller

BCM beyond capability of maintenance

BCN beacon

BCS baseline comparison system

BCS boeing computer services

BCU buffer and conversion unit

BDZ buffer demodulator zero

BEARTRAP project

BEL CRK bell crank

BEST base engineering support, technical

BETA battlefield exploitation and target acquisition

BF/WS blade fold/wing stow

BFCU blade fold control unit

BFRL basic facilities requirements list

BFTT battle force tactical training

BFTTEX battle force tactical training exercise

BGCTT battle group commander's team training

BGIT battle group inport training

BGPC battle group planning conference

BH boeing helicopters

BHT bell helicopter textron

BIC bus interface controller

BIS built-in simulation

BIT binary digit

BIT built-in test

BITE built-in test equipment

BIU bus interface unit

BL butt line

BL buttock line

BLD blade

BLK black

BLOCK contiguous bytes of digital computer storage (512,1024)

BLOS beyond line-of-sight system

BMA boeing military airplanes

BMS broadcast message service

BNGO bingo

BO battle orders

BOA basic ordering agreement

BORE boresight

BOSS buy our spares smartly

BRG bearing

BRK brake

BRT bright

BRU boresight reticle unit

BSV beach support vehicle

BSWS boeing software standard

BUNO bureau number (navy acft id number)

BUPERS bureau of naval personnel

BW bandwidth

BWRD backward

BYTE combined bits of digital computer information (8,16,32)

kc-135 cargo refueling jets waiting to takeoff

C high level programming language

C&CSTT command and control stn team trnr (trident-21a42)

C&D control and display

C&LTE cost and lead time estimate

C/S course and speed

C/SCSC cost/schedule control system criteria

C2 command & control

C3 command, control & communication

CA contract award

CA gun cruiser

CAAS contractor assistance and advisory service

CAB cabin

CACE contractor acquired operational equipment

CACT command air crew training

CAD computer aided design

CAD consolidated acquistion directive

CADCAM computer automated design computer aided manufacturing

CAEIU conversion actuator electrical interface unit

CAFED computer-aided file of engineering drawings

CAGE commercial and government entity (formerly -fscm)

CAI computer aided instruction

CAINS carrier airborne inertial navigation system

CAIS-A common apse interface set - revision a

CAL confined area landing

CALC calculated

CALS computer-aided acquisition & logistics support

CALT clearance altitude

CALT control altitude

CAM computer aided manufacturing

CAMP common ada missile packages

CAMS central atmosphere monitoring system (mk 2)

CANTRAC catalog of navy training courses

CAOE contractor acquired operational equipment

CAPDS chemical agent point detector system

CAPE computer aided project engineering

CAPTOR underwater mine (mk 60, mod 0)

CAR configuration audit review

CARA combined altitude radar altimeter

CARDS central archive for reusable defense software

CART command assessment of readiness and training

CAS calibrated airspeed

CASE computer aided software engineering

CAST combined arms staff trainer

CATC carrier air traffic control center

CATCC carrier air traffic control center

CATS combined arms training systems (pmtrade)

CB circuit breaker

CBCR change board commitment record

CBD commerce business daily

CBIL common bulk items list

CC configuration control

CCA carrier controlled approach

CCA circuit card assembly

CCA critical characteristics audit

CCB change control board

CCB configuration control board

CCBD config control board directive

CCBR config control board request

CCC change & configuration control (product name)

CCC command, control, communications

CCCB component change control board

CCDL cross channel data link

CCFDA cockpit control feel drive actuator

CCL command and control lab

CCL command control language

CCMM course curriculum model manager

CCMTC command and control maint team complex

CCO contract change order

CCPDSR command center processing & display system replacement

CCPT cockpit control position transducer

CCS change commitment summary

CCS classified control system

CCS command and control system

CCSDSP closed circuit saturation diving system

CCTDA cockpit control thrust drive actuator

CCTT command and control team trainer

CCTV closed circuit television

CCU computer control unit

CDD common data dictionary

CDI cumulative damage indes

CDIF case date interchange format (eia effort)

CDIL cumulative damage index left engine

CDIR cumulative damage index right engine

CDP compressor discharge pressure

CDPL compressor discharge pressure left engine

CDPR compressor discharge pressure right engine

CDR critical design review

CDRL contractor data requirements list

CDT chargeable down time

CDT compressor discharge temperature

CDU control display unit

CDWG controls and displays working group

CEB cno executive board

CECM composite engineering change memo

CECOM communications & electronics command (army)

CEP circular error probable

CEPA cleanroom engineering process assistant

CESM cryptologic electronic warfare support measures

CETS contractor engineering and technical services

CFA cognizant field activity

CFCTS contract flight crew training system

CFE contractor furnished equipment

CFET centrifuge-based flight environment trainer

CFI contractor final inspection

CFO cognizant field office

CFS contract field services

CFT contractor flight test

CG center of gravity

CG guided missile cruiser

CGM computer graphics metafile

CGN guided missile cruiser (nuclear propulsion)

CGO cargo

CHAFFROC chaff dispensing rocket

CHAN channel

CHG change

CHIPE oil particle exceedances

CHIPL oil particle count large

CHIPT oil particle count total

CHK check or checkout

CHMS copilot helmet sight system

CHURCH-EYE over-the-horizon radar

CI configuration item

CIA change impact assessment

CIC central integrated checkout

CIC combat information center

CICA competition in contracting act

CICPP central integrated checkout program plan

CIDS critical item development specification

CIM center for information management

CIM computer integrated manufacturing

CIM corporate information management

CINCLANTFLT commander-in-chief (atlantic fleet)

CINCPACFLT commander-in-chief (pacific fleet)

CIS case integration services

CITIS contractor integrated technical information service

CIU cockpit interface unit

CJCS chairman of the joint chief of staff

CJCS SROE chairman of the joint chief of staff standing rules of engagement

CKPT cockpit

CL center line

CL channel

CLAMS countermeasures launcher modular system

CLASS comprehensive lsa automated support system

CLAW control law computations

CLIN contract line item number

CLIP configuration logistic information program

CLIPS a nasa expert system shell - c language

CLR clear

CLS contractor logistics support

CLTE cost and lead time estimate

CM configuration management

CMAN configuration management

CMDS cockpit management display system

CMI computer managed instruction

CMM capability maturity model

CMM core memory module

CMNT comment

CMO configuration management officer

CMOML consumables maintenance and overhaul material list

CMOS complementary metal oxide silicon

CMP configuration management plan

CMPTR computer

CMPTSC conventional marine propulsion training steering group

CMR configuration management review

CMRS calibration/measurement requirements summary

CMS cockpit management system

CMSS configuration management support system

CMVWP commander medium attack tactical warfare wing pacific

CNATRA chief of naval air training

CNAVRES chief of naval reserve

CND chief of naval development

CNET chief of naval education and training

CNEWTP consolidated electronic warfare

CNI comm/nav/iff

CNIU communication/navigation interface unit

CNM chief of naval material

CNO chief of naval operations

CNR chief of naval research

CNTR control

CNTT chief of naval technical training (memphis)

CO change order

COBOL common business oriented language

COD carrier on-board delivery

CODASYL conference on data systems languages

COE government owned equipment

COHESION a digital software environment product

COLL collect

COMBAT DF srs-1 (outboard)

COMBIMAN computerized biomechanical man-model

COMFITAEWWINGPACcommander fighter airborne early warning wing pacific

COMFITWINGONE commander fighter wing one

COMM commercial

COMM communication

COMM/ID communication/identification

COMNAVAIRESFOR commander naval air reserve force

COMPASS computer alerted surveillance system

COMPT compressor

COMPTUEX composite training unit exercise

COMS contractor operation and maintenance of simulators

COMSEC communication secure

COMTHIRDFLT commander of third fleet

COMTRALANT commander training command atlantic fleet

COMTRAPAC commander training command atlantic fleet

CON contrast
CONFIG configuration

CONOPS concept of operations

CONT control

CONTGY contingency

CONUS continental united states

CONV conversion

COPS II computer oriented partial sum (beam former)

COR contracting officers representative

CORS navy command and control system ashore program

COSAL consolidated shipboard allowance list

COSBAL consolidated shorebased allowance list

COTR contracting officers technical representative

COTS commercial off the shelf

COTS container ship off-load transfer system

CP computer program

CP/M control program for microprocessors

CPC current production code

CPCI computer program configuration item

CPD consolidated procurement directive (ntec-3930/27)

CPF contractor performance factor

CPFG cno planning and fiscal guidance

CPI contractor preliminary inspection

CPIF cost plus incentive fee

CPL computer program library

CPL consolidated procurement directive (ntec-3930/27)

CPL couple

CPL crash position locator

CPLD coupled

CPLG coupling

CPLT copilot

CPM critical path method

CPR contract progress review

CPR cost performance report

CPR/R component pilot rework/repair

CPS computer process system

CPS contract plant services

CPT cockpit procedure trainer

CPT control position transducer

CPTP computer program test procedures (plan)

CPTR computer program test report

CPTS computer program test specification

CPU central processing unit

CQI continuous quality improvement

CRC contractor recommended coding

CRDA cooperative research & development agreement

CRE corrosion resistant

CRES corrosion resistant steel

CRISD computer resources integrated support document

CRLCMP computer resources life cycle management plan

CRN crown

CRO cognizant regional office

CRP cost reduction program

CRPL creeping lines

CRR cognizant regional representative

CRSR cursor

CRT cathode ray tube

CRUS cruise

CS contractor support

CS/FP contractor support/full provisioning

CSA configuration status accounting

CSAR combat search and rescue

CSC computer sciences corporation

CSC computer software component

CSCG communications security control group

CSCI computer software configuration item

CSDS control speed drive starter

CSE common support equipment

CSEL consolidated support equipment list

CSI contractor simulator instruction (training)

CSJAG crew station joint advisory group

CSJWG crew station joint working group

CSMIS combat system management information system

CSMTSC combat system manpower and training steering committee

CSOG communications security operational group

CSOM computer system operator's manual

CSPEI computer software product end item

CSPP crew scheduling and phasing plan

CSS central security service

CSS consolidated support system

CSS contractor support services

CSSR cost/schedule status report

CSTIRS "c" school training input requirements system

CSTOT combat system team operator trainer

CSU communications switching unit

CSU computer software unit

CTDA cockpit thrust drive actuator

CTIC contractor technical information code

CTPL central technical publications library

CTR centered

CTRL control

CTRLRS controllers

CTS contract technical services

CUDIX common user data information exchange

CV aircraft carrier

CV multi-purpose aircraft carrier

CV-ASWM cv anti-submarine warfare module

CVG compressor variable geometry

CVG POS compressor variable geometry position

CVGL compressor variable geometry left engine

CVGPF compressor variable geometry position failure

CVGR compressor variable geometry right engine

CVIB compressor vibration

CVLF consolidated very low frequency

CVN multi-purpose aircraft carrier (nuclear propulsion)

CVS asw aircraft carrier

CW continuous wave

CWA caution/warning advisory system

CWBS contract work breakdown structure

CWDE chemical warfare defense equipment

CWI continuous wave illuminator

D depot

D/A digital to analog

D/Q equipment flat plate drag area

DAC document availability code

DAIR direct altitude and identity readout

DAMA demand assigned multiple access (uhf satellite)

DAP display adjust panel

DAR defense acquisition regulations

DARPA defense advanced research projects agency

DAS data acquisition system

DASC direct air support center

DASS digital acoustic sensor simulator

DAU data acquisition unit

DAU display adapter unit

DAWIA defense aquistion workforce improvement act

DB decibel

DBD data base design

DBDD data base design document udi-e-21250b/mod

DBDR data base design review

DBDS data base design specification

DBMS data base management system

DC data collection

DC direct current

DC display controller

DCAA defence contract audit agency

DCASMA defense contratcts administration systems agency

DCB dynamic component bulletin (tdc 52)

DCC dynamic component change (tdc 51)

DCE distributed computing environment

DCLT declutter

DCMC defense contract management command

DCN defense communications network

DCN design change notice

DCP decision coordinating paper

DCT damage control tpnr (trident-21c11)

DD destroyer

DD digital data

DD250 material inspection and receiving report

DDG guided missile destroyer

DDL data distribution list

DDM diagnostic diagrams

DDN defense data network

DDN design decision notice

DDR&E design development research & engineering

DDU digital data unit

DEC decode

DEC decrease

DEC digital equipment corporation

DEG degrees

DEL delete

DELT delta

DEMS data base management sys

DEN data element number

DEP draft equipment publication

DEU display electronics unit

DF direction finder

DFARS dod federal acquistion regulation supplement

DFAS defense finance & accounting service

DFC diagnostic flow charts

DFP display function processor

DFR digital flight recorder

DGU display generation unit

DH decision height

DHOV depart from hover

DHV doors/hatches/vents

DIA defense intelligence agency

DICASS directional command activated sonobouy system

DID data item description

DIFAR directional frequency and ranging (asw)

DIM discrete interface module

DIP dual inline package

DIR direction

DISA defense information systems agency

DISABL disable

DISENG disengage

DISP dispenser

DISP display

DIST distance

DIVERTR diverter

DLA defense logistics agency

DLR depot level repairable

DLSC defense logistic systems center

DM data management

DMA defense mapping agency

DMA depot maintenance activity

DMA direct memory access

DME distance measuring equipment

DMEA damage modes and effects analysis

DMG digital map generator

DMI depot maintenance interservice

DMINS dual miniaturized navigation system

DMMH/FH direct maintenance manhours/flight hour

DMSD depot maintenance study directorate

DMSO defense modeling simulation office

DN down

DNA defense nuclear agency

DNS doppler navigation sensor

DOC descend on course

DOD department of defense

DODCI dept of defense computer institution

DODD department of defense directive

DODISS department of defense index of specifications and standards

DOEM department of engineering memorandum

DOGF watchdog timer failure

DON department of the navy

DOP doppler

DORT daily operational readiness test

DP development proposal

DP display processor

DPET data processing equip trnr (trident-11b101)

DPRO defense plant representative office

DPS data processing subsystem

DPT deployable proficiency trainer

DR discrepancy report

DR door

DRAM dynamic random access memory

DRAMA digital radio and multiplexer acquisition

DRB defense resource board

DRD data requirements description

DRLMS digital radar landmass simulator

DRMO defense reutilization & marketing office

DRRB data requirements review board

DRRS drawing research and request subsystem

DRS doppler radar system

DRT dead reckoning tracer

DS defense system

DSARC defense systems acquisition review committee

DSB defense science board

DSBL disable

DSC digital scan converter

DSCHG discharge

DSCS III defense satellite communication system

DSI delivered source instruction

DSM discrete and serial module

DSMC defense systems management college

DSRV deep submergence rescue vehicle (misc)

DSS data storage set

DSSA domain specific software architecture

DSU data synchronize unit - data storage unit

DSV deep submergence vehicle

DT development testing

DT&E development test and evaluation

DTC data transfer cartridge

DTC design to cost

DTD document tag description

DTDMA distributed time division multiple access

DTE data terminal equipment

DTE data transfer equipment

DTE developmental test equipment

DTIC defense technical information center

DTL data-time logged

DTR data terminal ready

DTR digital tape recorder

DTRC david taylor research center

DTS data transfer system

DTU data transfer unit

DVS doppler velocity sensor

DWN down

DWNLD download

DWSMT defensive weapons system maintenance trainer

DWSTT defensive weapons system team trainer

E-SLCSE slcse commercialization effort

E2 exponential elevation display

E3CP electromagnetic environmental effects control program

EA evaluation authority

EAB emergency air breathing (comm sys for submarines)

EAI engine air inlet

EAPS engine air particle separator

EAS equivalent airspeed

EAST european advanced software technology

EAU extended arithmetic unit

EB electric boat div of gen dynamics

EC engineering change

EC essentiality code

EC electronic combat

ECA electronic component assembly

ECCM electronic counter-countermeasures

ECI electronic conversion interface

ECL engine control lever

ECM electronic countermeasures

ECMA european computer manufacturer's associations

ECN engineering change notice

ECO engineering change order

ECP engineering change proposal

ECR engineering change request

ECS engineering change support

ECS environmental control system

ECU environmental control unit

ED engineering development

ED executive director

EDMICS engineering data management information & control system

EDPU electrical power drive unit

EDR engineering design record (release, review)

EDR equivalent direct radiation

EDRS engineering data retrieval system

EDU electrical drive unit

EE electrical engineering

EE (E2) exponential elevation

EED electro-explosive devices

EEE (E3) electromagnetic environment effects

EELS emergency escape lighting system

EEPROM electrically erasable programmable read only memory

EFIS electronic flight information system

EFR equipment facility requirements

EGCS environmental generation & control system

EGT exhaust gas temperature

EHV electro hydraulic valve

EI engineering information

EIA electronic industries association

EIA electronic institute of america

EIOP extended input/output processor

EL elevation

EL engineering laboratory

ELEC electrical

ELEV elevation

ELF communications system

ELINT electronic intelligence

ELOS single channel anti-jam

EM electromagnetic

EMC electromagnetic compatibility

EMCAB electromagnetic compatibility advisory board

EMCON emission control

EME electromagnetic environment

EMER emergency

EMERG emergency

EMI electromagnetic interference

EMP electromagnetic pulse

EMS engine monitoring system

EMSP enhanced mod signal processor (an/uys-2 [xn-1](v))

EMT elapsed maintenance time

EMT/MA elapsed maintenance time per maintenance action

EMT/MR elapsed maintenance time per maintenance requirement

EMV electromagnetic vulnerability

ENAV electronic navigation

ENBL enable

ENC encode

ENDR endurance

ENG engine

ENGA engage

ENV envelope

ENVIR environment

EOB expense operating budget

EOF end of file

EOFCS electro-optical fire control system (seafire)

EOGWCM electro-optical guided weapons countermeasures

EOS emergency oil system

EOSS engineering operational sequencing system

EOT engineering/operations trainer

EOTAD electro-optics target acquisition and designation

EOUT engine out

EOUT flameout

EOUTL engine out left engine

EOUTR engine out right engine

EPAD entry pad

EPL equipment parts list

EPROM erasable programmable read only memory

EQP equipment

EQT environmental qualification test

ER entity relationship

ERA entity-relation-attribute

ERP effective radiated power

ERR engineering release record

ERR engineering revision request

ERR equivalent range rate

ERSE erase

ESA emergency safe altitude

ESA environmental sensor assessment

ESC escape

ESC executive steering committee

ESD electrostatic discharge

ESGN electrically suspended gyro navigator (an/wsn-3(v))

ESM electronic support (surveillance) measures

ESS environmental stress screening

ESS essential

ESTG easting

ETA estimated time of arrival

ETE estimated time enroute

ETI elapsed time indicator

EVCS external voice communication system

EW electronic warfare

EWJWG electronic warfare joint working group

EWR electronic warfare range (2d2)

EXEC executive subsystem

EXPS expanding squares

EXT extend

EXT exterior

F&PM fuel and power management

F/C flight control

F/D flight director

FAA federal aviation agency

FAB fabrication

FAB forward avionics bay

FABITAL fadec fail bit, channel a left engine

FAC facility requirements code

FACTS flip augment cobra tow sight

FAD funding authorization document

FADECAL fadec, channel a, left engine

FADECAR fadec, channel a, right engine

FADECBL fadec, channel b, left engine

FADECBR fadec, channel b, right engine

FADEC full authority digital engine control

FADIGAL fault diagnostics, channel a, left engine

FADLIM fadec on limit

FAEWS fleet airborne electronic warfare system

FAIL failure

FAIR financial accounting & inventory record

FALT final altitude

FANFARE navy torpedo countermeasures sys for ships

FAR federal acquisition regulation

FAR federal aviation regulation

FARECONRON fleet air reconnaissance squadron

FASO fleet aviation support office

FASOTRAGRUPAC fleet aviation specialized operatonal training group pacific

FASP facility for automated software production

FAT file access table

FAT final acceptance trial

FAT first article testing

FAT free air temperature

FBC furnished by contractor

FBIT fadec fail bit

FBITAR fadec fail bit, channel a, right engine

FBITBL fadec fail bit, channel b, left engine

FBITBR fadec fail bit, channel b, right engine

FBL fly-by-light

FBM fleet ballistic missile submarine training center

FBMTC fleet ballistic missile test ctr

FBW fly-by-wire

FC flight control

FCA functional configuration audit

FCC federal communication commission

FCC flight control computer

FCCS forward cabin control station

FCDSSA fleet combat directorate systems support activity

FCI functional configuration identification

FCIM flexible computer integrated manufacturing

FCS federal catalog system

FCS flight control system

FCSIR flight control system integration rig

FCTCL fleet combat training center atlantic

FCTM functionally oriented technical manual

FD fault detection

FD&I fault detection and isolation

FD/LC fault detection/location subsystem

FDCS flight deck communication system (an/src-47)

FDIG fault diagnostics

FDIGAR fault diagnostics, channel a, right engine

FDIGBL fault diagnostics, channel b left engine

FDIGBR fault diagnostics, channel b, right engine

FDR flight data recorder

FDS flight director system

FEO field engineering office

FEP final evaluation period

FER field engineering rep

FEWSG fleet electronic warfare support group

FF frigate

FFG guided missile frigate

FFIB fuel filter impending bypass

FFIBL fuel filter impending bypass, left engine

FFIBR fuel filter impending bypass, right engine

FFM fuel flow monitor

FFP fixed fee procurement

FFR forward firing rocket, chaff head (mk-84)

FFRDC federally funded research & development center

FFS force feel system

FH flight hours

FID fault isolation detection

FID file identification

FIELD the smallest logical unit of data (dbms)

FIFO first in/first out

FIM framework information model

FIPS federal information processing standards

FIR flight incident recorder

FIREBRAND anti ship missile target

FJAG framework joint activity group

FL foot-lambert

FLEETEX fleet exercise

FLIR forward looking infrared

FLOLS fresnel lens optical landing system

FLR field level repairable

FLR flare

FLT flight

FLTNO flight number

FLTR filter

FM frequency modulation

FM from

FM/GS fuel management/gauging system

FMA field modification activity

FMC full mission capable

FMCM full mission capable

FMEA failure mode and effects analysis

FMEA flight/mission essential functions

FMECA failure mode effects and criticality analysis

FMF fleet marine force

FMI failure mode indicator

FMP fleet modernization program

FMS fault management system

FMS foreign military sales

FMU fuel management unit

FOB freight on board

FOC focus

FOD field operations division

FOHMD fibre-optic helmet-mounted display/device

FOM facilitate other maintenance

FOR field of regard

FORM formation

FOSI functional output specification instance

FOTM functionally oriented technical manual

FOUO for official use only

FOV field of view

FPLN flight plan

FPM feet per minute

FPMU fuel pump metering unit

FPMUL fuel pressure metering unit left engine

FPMUR fuel pressure metering unit right engine

FPS feet per second

FPT fleet project team

FPUM fuel pressure metering unit

FPV flight path vector

FQR formal qualification review

FQT formal qualification testing

FRAC fleet replacement aircrewman

FRAC framework requirements & criteria

FRACAS failure reporting analysis and corrective action system

FRAMP fleet readiness aircraft maint program (p14-4b53/54)

FRAMP fleet replacement aviation maintenance

FRB failure review board

FRD facilities requirements document

FREQ frequency

FRS fleet readiness squadron

FS final speed

FS fraction of savings

FSC federal supply classification

FSC flight system control

FSCM federal supply code manufacturers

FSD full scale development

FSE fleet supportability evaluation

FSI functionally significant item

FSK frequency shift keying

FSM firmware support manual

FSR field service representative

FSS fin stabilizer system (ffg-7)

FT fraction of time

FTAM file transfer access and management

FTG fleet training group

FTIP flight test interface panel

FTP file transfer protocol

FTP functional test procedure

FTS federal telecommunications system

FU fuse

FWD forward

FYDP five year defense plan

G/B gearbox

G/S ground speed

G/W gross weight

GA go-around

GAFB general airframe bulletin (tdc 70)

GAFC general airframe change (tdc 71)

GAIL glide angle indicator light

GAO government accounting office

GCA ground control approach

GCC generic command center

GD guidance

GEN generator

GFAE government furnished aeronautical equipment

GFBL government furnished baseline

GFD government furnished data

GFE government furnished equipment

GFI government furnished information

GFI government final inspection

GFI ground fault interrupter

GFM government furnished material

GFP government furnished property

GFS government furnished software

GFWS ground proximity warning system

GIDEP government/industry data exchange program

GIE groupement d'interets economiques

GKS graphical kernal system

GLS glide slope

GM ground map

GMS gas management system

GMT greenwich mean time

GND ground

GOE government owned equipment

GOMM general organizational maintenance manuals

GOSIP government open systems interconnection protocol

GP(SAL & IR) guided projectile (semi-active laser and infra red

GPETE general purpose electronic test equipment

GPI government preliminary inspection

GPM gallons per minute

GPM general processing module

GPO government printing office

GPPB general power plant bulletin (tdc 06)

GPS global positioning system

GPS ground processing system

GPTE general purpose test equipment

GR gear

GRBX gearbox

GRD guard

GRDS generic radar display system

GRND ground

GS glide slope

GS ground speed

GTA ground test article

GTIP g-tolerance improvent program

GTV ground test vehicle

GUID guidance

GVIB gearbox vibration

GW gross weight

H/V height-velocity

H/W hardware

HANAP hardness assessment and network analysis program

HARDMAN military manpower versus hardware procurement

HARM high speed anti-radiation missile

HBS hardware breakdown structure

HC hazardous code

HCI hardness critical item

HCP hardness critical process

HCP hazardous critical procedures

HDBK handbook

HDC helicopter direction center

HDG heading

HDU helmet display unit

HEADSHED ntsc headquarters building 2024

HEELS helicopter emergency egress lighting system

HEI high explosive incendiary

HEL high energy laser

HELO helicopter

HERF hazards of electromagnetic radiation to fuels

HERO hazards of electromagnetic radiation to ordinance

HERP hazards of electromagnetic radiation to personnel

HF height finder

HF high frequency

HFE human factors engineering

HFIP high frequency improvement program

HG inches of mercury

HGR hanger

HI high

HICANS high speed collision avoidance and navigation system

HIFR hover inflight refueling

HIGE hover in ground effect

HIPO hierarchical input process output

HIRP harpoon imaging infrared program

HK hook

HLD hold

HM hardness maintenance

HM hydrogen monitor

HM&E hull mechanical and electrical

HM/HS hardness maintenance/hardness surveillance

HMD helmet mounted display

HMG homing

HML hot mockup laboratory

HMMWV high mobility multipurpose wheeled vehicle

HMPC hazardous maintenance procedures code

HMS helmet mounted sight

HMS/DS helmet mounted sight/display system

HMU helmet mounted unit

HMU hydromechanical unit

HNDLG handling

HNG hanging

HNG hinge

HOGE hover out of ground effect

HOL high order language

HOR horizontal

HORIZ horizontal

HOTAS(C) hands on throttle and stick (controls)

HOTTS harpoon operator team training system

HOV hover

HP hewlett packard

HP high pressure

HP horse power

HPCC high performance computers & communication

HPDU hydraulic power drive unit

HPM high power microwave

HRMSS human resources management support system

HSD horizontal situation display

HSI hardware/software integration

HSI horizontal situation indicator

HST hoist

HTCL remote hover trim controller

HTRS heaters

HUD head up display

HVR hover

HWCI hardware configuration item

HYD hydraulic

HYDR hydraulic

HYTOW (an/wqc-5)

HZ hertz

I intermediate

I&T integration & test

I/ETM interactive/electronic technical manuals

I/I inboard/inboard

I/ITSC interservice/industry training systems conference

I/O inboard/outboard

I/O input/ouput

IACS integrated acoustic communication system

IAS indicated airspeed

IAW in accordance with

IBC ils back course

IBIT initiated built-in test

IBM international business machine company

IC indenture code instruction counter

IC integrated circuit

ICADS integrated cover and deception system

ICAO international civil aviation organization

ICAP increased capacity

ICAPS integrated command anti-submarine warfare diction system

ICASMA defense contracts administration systems agency

ICC instructor control console

ICC life cycle costing

ICD interface control document

ICS intercom system

ICS intercommunication control system

ICS interim contractor suppor

ICW interactive courseware

ID identification

ID interface device

ID interface diagram

ID interface diagnostics

IDA institute for defense analysis

IDCU ice detector control unit

IDD interface design document

IDE interactive development environments

IDR installation design review

IDS interface design specification udi-e-21403/mod

IECM inflight engine conditioning monitoring

IECMS in flight engine condition monitoring system

IECS intergrated environmental control system

IEEE institute of electrical and electronic engineers

IF intermediate frequency

IFB invitation for bids

IFF identification friend or foe

IFM improved fm

IFPM in flight performance monitoring

IFR instrument flight rules

IG image generator

IG inspector general

IGDS image generation & display system

IGE in ground effect

IGES initial graphics exchange specification

IGNRQ ignition request

IHADSS integrated helmet and display sighting system

IHU integrated helmet unit

ILS instrument landing system

ILS integrated logistics support

ILS/SE integrated logistic support/systems engineering

ILSDS integrated logistic support evaluation & supportability assur

ILSM integrated logistics support manager

ILSMT integrated logistic support management team

ILSP integrated logistics support plan

IM information management

IM information model

IMA intermediate maintenance activity

IMC instrument meteorological conditions

IMCON information modeling convergence

IMCT intermodule compatibility testing

IMD intregrated map display

IMRR inspection maintenance and repair record

IMTC intermodal compatibility

IN nacelle angle

INAV inertial navigation

INBD inboard

INC increase

INCOMPLT incomplete

INCOR incorrect

IND indicator

INIT initiatetmtinitialize

INRGL ignition request left engine

INS inertial navigation system

INST instrument

INSURV board of inspection and survey

INTENS intensity

INTER intermediate

INU inertial navigation unit

IOC initial operational capability

IOP input/output processor

IOPB input/output parameter buffer

IOS instructor operator station

IPL initial program load

IPR ils program review

IPR in-process review

IPS ice protection system

IPS inches per secon

IPS inlet particle separator

IPSC ice protection system controler

IPSC information processing standards for computers

IPU inert prefill unit

IQC indefinite quantity contract

IR infrared

IR&D independent research & development

IRAC interim rapid action change

IRAC international requirements & criteria

IRDS information resource dictionary system

IRDS infrared detecting system

IRGP infrared guided projectile weapon system 5"

IRIG inertial rate integrating gyrominter

IRJ infrared jammer

IRMO information resources management officer

IRP intermediate rated power (30 minutes)

IRS infared suppressor

IRS interface requirements specification

IRST infrared search and track system

ISAM indexed sequential access method

ISARS improved ssbn recorder outline system (an/bqh-8)

ISC icing system controller

ISC intercommunication set control

ISD instructional systems development

ISE in-service engineer

ISEE integrated software engineering environment

ISEO in-service engineering office

ISG instructional systems group

ISI information spectrum inc

ISI interim support item

ISIL interim support items list

ISIP immediate superior in command

ISLN isolation

ISM input signal management

ISOL isolation

ISP integrated support plan

ISP interim support period

ISPE improved sonar processing equipment (ssbn)

ISPW international software process working group

ISSI international software systems incorporated

ISST infrared surveillance of surface targets

ITCS integrated target control system

ITF integration test folder

ITL integrated test lines

ITO identifying technical order

ITRO interservice training review organization

ITS interim trainer support

ITSC interservice/industry training systems conference

ITSS integrated tactical surveillance system

IU interface unit

IUH instructor utilization handbook

IUS interim (inertial) upper stage

IUSS integrated undersea surveillance system

IV&V independent verification and validation

IX unclassified miscellaneous ships

J&A justification & approval

J-MASS joint-modeling and simulation system

J/S jam-to-signal

JASS v-22 (jvx) applications & systems software

JC jump commander

JCMDR jump commander

JCS joint chiefs of staff

JETT jettison

JFET junction field effect transistor

JILSP joint integrated logistic support plan

JINTACCS joint interoperability of tactical command and control system

JLC joint logistics commanders

JMASS joint-modeling and simulation system

JON job order number

JPATS joint primary aircraft training system

JPTDS junior participating tactical data system

JQR job qualification requirement

JRMB joint requirements and management board

JSIL jvx system integration laboratory

JSOR joint services operations requirements

JSRB joint software review board

JSSS jvx (v-22) simulation support software

JTFEX joint task force exercise

JTIDS joint tactical information distribution system

JTMS jvx (v-22) test and maintenance software

JTSS jvx (v-22) test support software

JUSTIS joint uniform services technical information system

JVX joint services vertical lift aircraft experimental

KCAS knots calibrated airspeed

KDSI thousands of delivered source instructions

KHZ kilohertz

KI knowledge information

KOPS thousands of operations per second

KTAS knots true airspeed

KVA kilovolt-amps

KW kilowatt(s)

L left

LAMPS light airborne multi-purpose system

LAN local area network

LANTIRN low altitude navigation and targeting infrared for night

LASC lockheed aeronautical systems company

LASER light amplification stimulated emission radiation

LAT lateral

LAT latitude

LATAGS laser tactical air gunnery system

LATWING light attack wing

LAV light assault vehicle

LAW low altitude warning

LBL left butt line

LCAC landing craft, air cushion

LCC amphibious command ship

LCC life cycle costing

LCCB local change control board

LCCPT low-cost cockpit procedures trainer (helo trainer)

LCK lock

LCM landing craft, mechanized

LCN logistic support analysis control number

LCPL landing craft, personnel, large (mk 12)

LCU landing craft, utility

LCVP landing craft, vehicle, personnel

LDG landing gear ldgpdslanding gear position

LDGPOS landing gear position

LED light emitting diode

LEMP lightning electromagnetic pulse

LEN length

LF low frequency

LF-ADF low frequency-automatic direction finding

LFA low frequency adjunct

LGCU landing gear control unit

LGWCAS laser guided weapons in joint close air support

LH left hand

LHA amphibious assault ship (general purpose)

LHA amphibious helicopter assault carrier

LHD amphibious helicopter assault carrier dock

LIC laser intercept capability (mod)

LIN linear

LIN liquid nitrogen

LK CPLG locked and coupled

LKA amphibious cargo ship (landing craft carriers)

LLCSC loser-level computer software component

LLL logistics lesson learned

LMU lighting mockup

LO low

LOC lines of code

LOC localizer

LOIL oil level

LONG longitude

LOP line of position

LOR level of repair

LORA level of repair analysis

LORAN long range navigation

LOS line of sight

LOX liquid oxygen

LP low pressure

LPA amphibious transport (landing craft carriers)

LPD amphibious transport dock

LPH amphibious assualt helicopter carrier - aviation

LPOIL low oil pressure

LPOILL low oil pressure left

LPOILR low oil pressure right

LR long range

LRAAS long range air asw system

LRG logistics review group

LRM language reference manual

LRU line replaceable unit

LS logistics support

LSA logistics support analysis

LSAR logistics support analysis record

LSB low side band

LSD landing ship dock (landing craft carriers)

LSE langing signal enlisted

LSHMT list of standard/modified hand tools

LSI large scale integrated circuits

LSM loader select modification

LSM logistic support manager

LSM lvdt self monitor

LSO landing signal officer

LSP logistics support plan

LSS logistics support system

LSSC light seal support craft (special warfare)

LSSS lightweight ship satcom set (an/wsc-6)

LST tank landing ship (landing craft carriers)

LT light

LTM lateral translation mode

LTN omego replacement 211

LTS lights

LUI life useage index

LUIL life useage index left

LUIR life useage index right

LUSC lightweight undersea sensor components

LVDT linear variable differential transducer

LVL level

LWC liquid water content

LWR lower

LWT amphibious warping tug (landing craft)

LZ landing zone

M/S milestone

MA maintenance action

MAC maintenance allocation chart

MAC maintenance action code

MAC mean aerodynamic center

MAC military airlift command

MAC months after contract (award)

MAD magnetic anomaly detection (asw)

MAF maintenance action form

MAG magnetictmtmarine air group

MAG marine air group

MAGW maximum alternate gross weight

MAINT maintenance

MALS marine air logistics squadron

MALS medium-intensity approach light system

MAMDT mean active maintenance downtime

MAN manual

MAOT maximum allowable operating time

MARS mid-air retrieval system

MARS multiple artillery rocket system

MASS model 901 applications and system software

MATCALS marine air traffic control and landing system

MATE mainframe automatic test equipment

MATE multiband automated test equipment

MAW medium attack wing

MAX maximum

MB marker beacon

MB measurement base

MB megabyte

MBIT maintenance built-in test

MBMF multi-beam multi-frequency feasibility demo

MBTUMA mean time between unscheduled maintenance actions

MC maintenance control

MC military characteristics

MC mission capable

MC mission computer

MCAF marine corps air facility

MCAS marine corps air station

MCAS(H) marine corps air station (helicopter)

MCBF mean cycles between failures

MCCR mission critical computer resources

MCCS mission critical computer system

MCCT mission control operator trnr (f14-15c3a)

MCL master configuration list

MCM memory controller moduletmtmine countermeasures

MCM mine countermeasures ship

MCMM memory controller module with memory

MCOR marine corps

MCP maximum continuous power

MCR manual change release

MCRL master cross reference list

MCSE magnetic course

MCTCA navy meterology and calibration program

MCV main control valve

MDCS maintenance data collection system

MDMDS maintenance data system

MDMDS modular data system

MDTS mcdonnell doughlas training systems

MDTUM mean down time for unscheduled maintenance

MDU multiplexer and distribution unit

MDU multiplexer decoder unit

MDWG midwing

ME mechanical engineering

MED medium

MEDEVAC aeromedical evacuation

MEESTO modification engineering evaluation & sub-task order (4720/15)

MEF mad environmental filters

MEI maintenance engineering inspection

MEM memory

MENS mission element needs statement

MEPS modification engineering program status

MESM mission essential subsystem matrix

METS mobile electronic threat simulator

METS mobile electronic test set

MFD multifunction display

MFHBCMA mean flight hours between unscheduled maintenance actions

MFHBF mean flight hours between failures

MFHBF-DC mean flight hours between failures-design controllable

MFHBUMA mean flight hours between unscheduled maintenance actions

MFHBVF mean flight hours between verified failures

MFOV medium field of view

MFPL message format processing language

MFPT maintenance fleet project team

MFR multifunction radar

MGFEL master government furnished equipment list

MGMT management

MGOT measured gas overtemperature

MGT measured gas temperature

MGTL measured gas temperature left

MGTR measured gas temperature right

MGW mission gross weight

MHDG magnetic heading

MHZ megahertz

MIC microphone

MIC management information center

MIDAS mine detection and avoidance sonar

MIDN afloat training craft

MIL-STD military standard

MIL-STD-2167A military standard: defense system software development

MILCON military construction

MILES multiple integrated laser engagement system

MILSCAP military standard contract admin procedures

MILSPEC military specification

MILSTD military standard

MIM maintenance instruction manual

MINELAYER mine warfare type ship

MIPR military interdepartmental purchase request

MIS management information system

MITSI (an/ula-()) video processor

MLG main landing gear

MLM multipurpose lightweight missile

MLS microwave landing system

MLS multilevel secure

MLSF mobile logistics support force

MLV memory loader verifier

MM man months

MMC master mission computer

MMF mobile maintenance facilities

MMH maintenance manhours

MMH/FHDC design controllable mean man hours per flight hour

MMH/FH maintenance manhours per flight hour

MMH/MA maintenance man hours per maintenance action

MMI man-machine interface

MML master materials list

MMM maintenance and material management (3m)

MMR multimode receiver

MMRALS moveable microwave remote area landing system

MMRC multi mode radar command

MMRI mandatory mission rule item

MMRI multi mode radar input

MOA memorandum of agreement

MOD modification

MOD modify

MOS marine occupational standard

MOS metal oxide semiconductor

MOS/NEC military occupational specialty/navy enlisted classification

MOSFET metal oxide semiconductor-field effect transistor

MOSS mobile submarine simulator system

MOST mission oriented system tape

MOU memorandum of understanding

MP/M multiprogramming control program for microprocessors

MPC mission phase code

MPCAG military parts control advisory group

MPCTS modular portable consolidated test system

MPD multipurpose display

MPN military personnel-navy (appropriation)

MPT manpower, personnel and training

MRAALS marine remote area landing system

MRAD milliradians

MRASM medium range air to survace missile

MRC maintenance requirement card

MRD military requirements

MRD military requirements determination

MRDM model requirements and development manual

MRF maintenance replacement factor

MRFDK mechanical remote fuze disassembly kit

MRP militarized reconfigurable processor

MRT minimum resolvable temperature

MS milestone

MSA minimum safe altitude

MSB minesweeping boat (mine countermeasures)

MSD minesweeping drone (mine countermeasures)

MSDOS micro-soft disk operating system

MSDS modular ship defense system

MSEC millisecond

MSFD millimeter wave seeker feasibility demo

MSG message

MSI minesweeper, inshore (mine countermeasures)

MSL material support list

MSL mean sea level

MSL mission simulation

MSM minesweeper, river (converted lcm-6)(mine countermeasures)

MSO minesweepers (ocean)

MSR minesweeper, patrol (mine countermeasures)

MSSC medium seal support craft (special warfare)

MSSS model 901 simulation support software

MST mission system trainer

MSTR master

MT maintenance test

MT mission trainer

MTASS machine transferable support software

MTBD mean time between demands

MTBEMA mean time between essential maintenance action

MTBERA mean time between essential replacement action

MTBF mean time between failure

MTBFSAF mean time between flight safety affecting failures

MTBMA mean time between maintenance action

MTBMCF mean time between mission critical failures

MTBNDR mean time between no defect removals

MTBPM mean time between preventive maintenance

MTBR mean time between repair

MTBUR mean time between unscheduled removal

MTE maintenance training equipment

MTF modulation transfer function

MTM modification transmittal memo

MTM multi-task monitor

MTMS model 901 test and maintenance software

MTT mobile training team

MTTF mean time to failure

MTTR mean time to repair

MTV message translation & validation

MU memory unit

MUE modification unique equipment

MULTOTS multiple units link 11 test and operational training system

MUSIC multi-use special intelligence communication

MUTE multiplex unit for transmission elimination

MUTTS multi unit tactical training system

MUX multiplex

MVAR magnetic variation

MVP-L multiple views project - language

MVT module verification testing

MWGB mid wing gear box

MWS missile warning set

MYFARS multi-function array radar system

MYP multi-year procurement

N/R rotor speed

NAC nacelle

NAC naval administrative command

NAC naval avionics center (indianapolis)

NACES naval aircrew common ejection seat

NACLANG nacelle angle

NAD naval aviation depot (formerly narf)

NADC naval air development center (warminster)

NADEP naval aviation depot

NADOC naval aviation depot operations center (pax river)

NAEC naval aviation engineering center (lakehurst)

NAEI naval aviation executive institute

NAESU naval aviation engineering service unit

NALC naval aviation logistics command

NALC navy ammunition logistics code

NAMO naval air maintenance office (pax river)

NAMP naval aviation maintenance program

NAMT naval air maintenance trainer

NAMTRAGRU naval air maintenance training group

NAR narrow

NAR naval air reserve

NARDAC navy regional data automation ctr

NARF naval air rework facility (renamed- nad -1987)

NARM navy resource model

NAS naval air station

NASA national aeronautics and space administration

NATC naval air test center (pax river)

NATO SEA GNAT hybrid infrared and chaff system

NATO north atlantic treaty organization

NATOPS naval air training and operational procedures standardization

NATSF naval air technical support facility

NATTC naval air technical training center

NAV navigation

NAV/COM navigation/communication

NAVAIR naval air systems command

NAVAIRSYSCOM naval air systems command

NAVAIRLANT naval air force atlantic fleet

NAVAIRPAC naval air force pacific fleet

NAVAIRSYSCOM naval air systems command

NAVAIDS navigation (navigational) aids

NAVCIPS navy standard civilian pay system

NAVDAC naval data automation command

NAVDAF navy data automation facilities

NAVELECSYSCOM naval electronics systems command

NAVFACSYSCOM naval facilities system command

NAVMATCOM naval material command

NAVMAT naval material command (disestablished 85)

NAVMACS naval modular automated communications systems (an/syq-7(v)3)

NAVMTO navy material transportation office

NAVPRO naval plant representative office

NAVSEASYSCOM naval sea systems command

NAVSEC naval ship engineering center

NAVSHIPSYSCOM naval ship systems command

NAVSTAR global positioning system (gps)

NAVSUPFAC naval supply facility

NAVSUP naval supply systems command

NAVTAG naval tactical gaming

NAVTIP navy training improvement program

NAVTOLAND phase i flight test

NAVTRASYSCEN naval training systems center

NAVWPNCEN naval weapons center (china lake)

NAWC naval air warfare center (lakehurst,warminster,pax r)

NB narrowband

NBC nuclear, biological and chemical

NBCD network based collaborative development

NCAB navy contract adjustment board

NCAE naval contract adjustment board

NCCPM navy command & control process model

NCCS navy command and control system program (ashore and afloat)

NCDT non-chargeable down time

NCLANG nacelle angle

NCLT night carrier landing trnr (a6-2f122)

NCMS navy configuration management system

NCPEG navy contractor performance eval group

ND nose down

NDATS naval data automation technical standard

NDI non destructive inspection

NDI non developmental item

NDS non-developmental software

NEARTIP mk 46 torpedo

NEC national electrical code

NEC navy enlisted classification

NEC nippon electric company

NECS navy embedded computer system

NEDALS navy engineering data asset locator system

NEMP nuclear electromagnetic pulse

NEOCS navy enlisted occupational classification system

NETPDC naval education and training program development center

NETSC naval education and training support center

NEWTS naval electronic warfare training sys (10h1)

NFC navy finance office

NFO naval flight officer

NFO navy finance office

NFOV narrow field of view

NFS network file system

NG gas turbine speed (rpm)

NGCR next generation computer resources (navy program)

NGL gas generator speed left

NGOS gas generator overspeed

NGR gas generator speed right

NIIN national item identification number

NIPA naval intelligence production system

NIPC nacelle ice protector controller

NIPIMS navmat instructional procurement and inventory monitoring sys

NIPS naval intelligence processing center upgrade program

NIS naval investigative service

NIST national institute of standards & technology

NITRAS navy integrated training resources and administration system

NIU nacelle interface unit

NLG nose landing gear

NMC naval material command

NMC not mission capable

NMCM not mission capable maintenance

NMCMS not mission capable maintenance scheduled

NMCMU not mission capable maintenance uncheduled

NMCS not mission capable supply

NMDAS navy manpower data accounting system

NOBC navy officer billet classification

NOE nape of the earth

NOR notice of revision

NORM normal

NORPAX north pacific experiement

NOSC naval ocean systems center

NOTAL not to all

NOTAP navy occupational task analysis program

NP power turbine speed

NPD navy procurement directive

NPL power turbine speed left

NPM navy programming manual

NPOS power turbine overspeed

NPPS navy publishing and printing service

NPPSBO navy publishing and printing service branch office

NPPSO naval publications printing support office

NPR naval plant representative

NPR power turbine speed right

NR proprotor speed (rpm)

NR submersible research vehicle (misc)

NRAC nato requirements & criteria

NRL navy research laboratories

NRMC navy regional medical center

NROTC naval reserve officer training corps

NRP navigation reference point

NRR navy research requirements

NRZ non-return-to-zero

NSA national security agency

NSCCA nuclear safety cross-check analysis

NSD navy support data

NSN national stock number

NSO network security officer

NSP navy support plan

NTC naval training center

NTDS navy tactical data system

NTDS navy technical data system

NTDS navy tactical data systems (lab) (20f17)

NTHG nothing

NTIPP navy technical information presentation program

NTIS national technical information service

NTP navy training plan

NTPC navy training plan conference

NTS naval training station

NTSC naval training systems center

NTTC naval technical training center (corry field)

NU nose up

NUD non-update

NUO north up

NUSC naval underwater systems center

NUSRL naval underwater sound ref lab

NUWC naval underwater warfare center (formerly triccsma)

NVG night vision goggles

NVIS near vertical incident skywave

NVM non-volatile memory

NVMS noise and vibration monitoring system

NWC naval weapons center (china lake)

NWS nose wheel steering

NWSA nose wheel steering actuator

O&M operations and maintenance

O&MN operations and maintenance, navy

O&S operating and support

O&SHA operating and support hazard analysis

O/I outboard/inboard

O/O outboard/outboard

OAC objective assignment chart

OAF open architecture framework

OAT outside air temperature

OB operating budget

OBE overcome by events

OBIGGS onboard inert gas generating system

OBOGS onboard oxygen generating system

OBT on board training

OCD operational concept document

OCM on condition maintenance

OCP operational computer program

OCS officer candidate school

ODA office document architecture

ODADS omnidirectional air data sensor

ODDS offboard deception devices system

ODIF office document interchange format

OEI one engine inoperative

OEM original equipment manufacturer

OFAB oil filter actual bypass

OFABL oil filter actual bypass left

OFABR oil filter actual bypass right

OFIB oil filter impending bypass

OFIBL oil filter impending bypass left

OFIBR oil filter impending bypass right

OFP operational flight program

OFT operational flight trainer

OGE out of ground effect

OICC officer in charge of construction

OIP operational improvement program

OJT on the job training

OLSP operational logistic support plan

OM operator's manual

OMA organizational maintenance activity

OMB office of manpower and budget

OMD operations maintenance division

OMG object management group

OMNI vhf omnidirectional range

OMP organometallic polymer hull coating

OMS object management system

ONR office of naval research

OOD object-oriented design

OODA object-oriented design with assemblies

OPCON operational control

OPER operator

OPEVAL operational evaluation

OPI optional procedure indicator

OPLSM operational phase logistic suuport manager

OPN open

OPN other procurement, navy

OPNAV chief of naval operations

OPS operational

OPS/CHK operational checkout

OPTAR operating target (expense)

OPTN option

OR operational requirement

ORACLE ordnance rapid area clearance

ORT operational readiness test

ORT operationally ready time

OS operating system

OSD office of the secretary of defense

OSF open software foundation

OSI open systems interconnection (iso standard)

OSIP operational safety & improvement program

OSMN operations and maintenance-navy (funds)

OSQAM operating standards & quality assurance manual

OSR on site representative

OT operational test

OT&E operator training & evaluation

OTCIXS officer tactical command information exchange system

OTE operational test and evaluation

OTE operator training equipment

OTH-T over-the-horizon targeting

OTIXS officer in tactical command ixs

OTPI on top position indicator

OTPS operational test program set

OTT ocean tactical targeting

OVHD overhead

OVTQ overtorque

OW obstacle warning

OW operating wing

OW outer wing

OWDM original water depth mine

P-P peak-to-peak

P/N part number

P1175 a std ref model for computing system tool interconnection

P2 compressor inlet pressure

P3 compressor discharge total pressure

P4 burner discharge total pressure

P5 turbine cooling flow accountability total pressure

PA pressure altitude

PA public address

PAC pacific

PAC post award conference

PAC power assurance check

PACL power assurance check left

PACR power assurance check right

PAL process asset library

PALT pressure altitude

PAO public affairs office(r)

PAPS propulsion associated parameter set

PAR parts approved request

PARM participating manager

PAT preliminary acceptance trials

PAT process action team

PATT pattern

PAX passengers

PAX patuxent river

PB patrol boat (coastal patrol combatants)

PBIT periodic built-in test

PBR river patrol boat (river/roadstead craft)

PCA physical configuration audit

PCB printed circuit board

PCC procurement contracting office

PCCL pre-contract cost letter

PCCN provisioning contract control number

PCD program change decision

PCF patrol craft (fast) (coastal patrol combatants)

PCI product configuration identification

PCIS portable common interface set

PCL post conference list

PCM power converter module

PCM pulse code modulation

PCN program change notice

PCO procurement contracting officer

PCOTES prototype carrier operational test and evaluation system

PCR program change request

PCSB pulse coded scanning beam

PCTE portable common tools environment

PCTL percentile

PD preliminary design

PD program director

PD project director

PD position description

PDA principal development activity

PDAG process definition advisory group

PDD program design description

PDD program description document udi-e-21251a/mod

PDE projected operational environment

PDES product data evolvement system

PDES product data exchange specification

PDL preliminary design language

PDL program design language

PDM program objectives memorandum

PDMLR post deployment maintenance logistic review

PDP power distribution system

PDP program definition phase

PDR preliminary design review

PDREP product deficiency reporting and evaluation program

PDS power demand signal

PDS program design spec udi-e-21268b/mod

PDS project design standards

PDSL power demand signal left

PDSR power demand signal right

PDSS post deployment software support

PDU power drive unit

PE project engineer

PEC passive equipment cabinet

PECP preliminary engineering change proposal

PENQUIN combat system

PEO program executive officer

PEP proposal evaluation plan

PER proposal evaluation report

PERF performance

PERM permanent

PERT program eval and review technique

PET propulsion engineering trainer

PFA participating field activity

PFBIT pre-flight built-in test

PFCS primary flight control system

PFM plan for maintenance

PFM precision flight mode

PFN pulse forming network

PG page

PG patrol combatant ship

PGH patrol gunboat (hydrofoil)(coastal patrol combatant)

PGRDS prototype generic radar display system

PGSE peculiar ground support equipment

PGTL planning group for training and logistics

PGTS precision gunnery training system

PHA preliminary hazard analysis

PHB photographic bulletin (tdc 69)

PHC photographic change (tdc 68)

PHIGS programmer's hierachical interactive graphics system (iso)

PHM patrol hydrofoil guided missile ship (combatant

PHMS pilot helmet sight system

PHS&T packaging, handling, storage and transportation

PI procurement instruction

PIDS prime item development specification

PIM plan for maintenance

PIM point of intended movement

PIMA plug-in module adapter

PIT pitot

PJM project manager (ntsc)

PLC programming language committee

PLCC provisioning list category code

PLISN provisioning list item sequence number

PLP pitch lock pin

PLRS position, location, and reporting system

PLT pilottmtproduction lead time

PM periodic maintenance

PM preventative maintenance

PM process model

PM program manager

PM TRADE project manager for training devices

PMA permanent magnet alternator

PMA program manager air

PMAL permanent magnetic alternator left

PMAL pma ac voltage left

PMAR permanent magnetic alternator right

PMAR pma ac voltage right

PMC part mission capable

PMCM part mission capable maintenance

PMCS partial mission capable, supply

PMDB project master data base (trw ir&d project name)

PME precision measurement equipment

PME prime mission equipment

PMG permanent magnet generator

PMGT power management

PMGW primary mission gross weight

PMIC periodic maintenance information card

PMIC precious metal indicator code

PMM power management mode

PMM program memory module

PMP project master plan

PMRM phase (periodic) maintenance requirements manual

PMS performance measurement system

PMS planned maintenance system

PMS program management system

PMS program manager sea

PMTC pacific missle test center (point mugu)

PNEU pneumatic

PNL panel

PNVS pilots night vision system

PO ambient pressure

PO project officer

POAM plan of action and milestones

POBIT power-on built-in test

POC point of contact

POCD process operational concept document

POET h band expendable jammer

POFA programmed operational & functional appraisal

POIL engine delta oil pressure

POL petroleum, oil, and lubricant

POL polarity

POM program objective memorandum

PORTS portable training system

POS positiontmtpositive

POSIX portable operating system interface

POSN position

PP point to point

PP present position

PP program package udi-s-21273b

PP program plan

PP&C program planning and control

PPB power plant bulletin (tdc 01)

PPB provisioning parts breakdown

PPBIT pre-periodic built-in test

PPC powerplant change (tdc 02)

PPCO provisioning principal contracting office

PPD program package document

PPI planned position indicator

PPIL parts provisioning index list

PPL process programming language

PPL provisioning parts list

PPLI precise participant location and identification

PPP personnel performance profile

PPPI preplanned product improvement

PPS program performance schedule

PPS program performance spec udi-e-21269b/mod

PPSL parts program selection list

PQAP planned quality assurance program

PQS personnel qualification standard

PR purchase request

PRB propeller bulletin (tdc 65)

PRC portable recompression chamber

PRC propeller change (tdc 64)

PRDR preproduction reliability design review

PREIS prototype engineering information system

PRES present

PRESS pressure

PRF pulse repetition frequency

PRGB proprotor gearbox

PRI primary

PRISM portable reuseable integrated software nodules

PROC processor

PRODEVCEN program development center

PROFILE project

PROM programmable read only memory

PROP proprotor

PROPTIP proprotor tip

PROT protection

PRR pilot record request

PRR production readiness review

PRR production revision record

PRR production revision request

PRS provisioning requirements statement

PRV pressure relief valve

PRV pressure regulator valve

PS particle separater

PS pressure switch

PS pressure switch mpower steering

PS probability of survival

PS/PC physical security/pilferage code

PSA problem statement analyzer

PSD power demand signal

PSDP preliminary system design plan

PSE peculiar support equipment

PSE project support environment

PSESWG programming support environment software working group

PSI pounds per square inch

PSIA pounds per square inch absolute

PSIC provisioning system identifier code

PSID pounds per square inch differential

PSIG pounds per square inch gauge

PSL problem statement language

PSL/PPL process support language/process programming language

PSM processor support module

PSMD preliminary ship manpower document

PSO pressure shut off

PSO/NO-AIR pressure shut off no air

PSP programmable signal processor (an/awg-9 update)

PSTAT precipitation static

PT part

PT plain test

PT point

PT point mode

PTA proposed technical approach

PTD provisioning technical documentation

PTEL prequalified training equipment list

PTEP prequalified training equipment program

PTOR power turn on reset

PTP program test plans

PTPR program test procedures and reports

PTR problem trouble report

PTT part task trainer

PTT plotting team trainer

PTT push to talk

PTTI precise time and time interval dissemination and distribution

PVC polyvinyl chloride

PVS periscope view simulators (associated with 21a series)

PVSG periscope visual scene generator

PW pulse width

PWB printed wiring board

PWR power

PWR prepositioned war reserves

PWR/GND power/ground

PY program year

Q torque

Q/I question/issue

QA quality assurance

QA&R quality assurance and revalidation

QAPP quality assurance program plan

QC quality control

QCFI quality conformance final inspection (on-site)

QCPI quality conformance preliminary inspection (in-plant)

QDM quantitative debris monitor

QDMA quantitative debris monitor mission alert status

QDMAL qdma left

QDMAR qdma right

QDMM quantitative debris monitor maintenance alert status

QDMML qdmm left

QDMMR qdmm right

QEB quick engine bulletin (tdc 04)

QEC quick engine change (tdc 03)

QL quick look

QM mast torque

QPL qualified parts list

QRFI quick reaction fleet improvement (includes

QRM quick response modification

QSR qualified status report

QTY quantity

QUE1 tqe left


QUP quantity per unit pack

R right

R&D research and development

R&M reliability and maintainability

R/M reliability and maintainability

R/O read outtmtread only

R/R remove and replace

R/T receiver transmitter

RAASP reusable ada avionics software package

RABFAC radar beacon forward air control

RAC rapid action change

RAC request for authority to contract

RAD recommendation and approval document

RAD1 radio 1

RAD2 radio 2

RAD3 radio 3

RADALT radar altitude

RADAR radio detection and ranging

RADHAZ radiation hazards

RADR radartmtreceive address

RALT radar altitude

RAM random access memory

RAM reliability and maintainability

RAMEC rapid action minor engineering change

RAN request for authority to negotiate

RAPID reusable ada products for information systems development

RAPLOC rapid localization (near term) for an/sqr-19

RARBI radar altimeter beacon interface

RAST recovery assistant secure and traverse system, helo

RAT reliability assessment testtmtram air turbine

RATCF radar air traffic control facility

RAWS radar altimeter warning system

RBL right butt line

RC recoverability code

RCC report control code

RCCB remote controled circuit breaker

RCCO reverse current cut out

RCM reliability centered maintenance

RCS radar cross section

RCV receive

RDBMS relational data base management system

RDGT reliability development growth test

RDR radar

RDR CTRL radar control

RDSS rapidly deployable surveillance system

RDT reliability development test

RDT&E research, development, test and evaluation

RDT&EN research, development, test and evaluation, navy

RDVT reliability design verification test

RDY ready

REA request for equitable adjustment

READS requirements entry allocation decomposition system

REC receiver

REC record

RECIRC recirculating

RECO remote command and control

REF reference

REILS runway end identifier light system

REJ reject

REL release

REM remote

REPLANT naval training sysyems center representative atlantic

REPPAC naval training systems center representative pacific

REQ required

REQD required

RESOLV resolver

RET retract

RF radio frequency

RFD/W request for deviation/waver

RFI radio frequency interference

RFI ready for issue

RFI request for information

RFP request for proposal

RFQ request for quotation

RFREQ receive frequency

RFSS radio frequency switching system

RFT ready for training (operational milestone)

RFW request for waiver

RGBIT rigging built-in test

RGNRQR ignition request right engine

RGT right

RH relative humidity

RIC resource implementation cooperative

RIC repairable items conference

RIG reuse library interoperability group

RIL repairable items list

RILSD resident integrated logistics support detachment

RIU radar interface unit

RJAG reuse joint activities group

RLF reusability library framework

RLMS radar landmass simulator

RM replaceable module

RMNG remaining

RMP risk management plan

RMR remote map reader

RMS root-mean-square

RNAV radar navigation

RNCC reference number category code

RNG range

RNS radar navigation set

RNTDS restructured navy tactical data system

RNVC reference number variation code

ROAMS reusable object access management system

ROCD reuse operational concept document

ROE rules of engagement

ROF receipt of funds

ROI return on investment

ROM read only memory

ROM rough order of magnitude

ROR repair of repairables

RPC remote procedure call

RPIE real property installed equipment

RPM revolutions per minute

RPU rotor phasing unit

RR rejection report

RRR requirements rational report

RSQ rescue

RSR repair survival rate

RST reset

RSVR reservoir

RT receiver transmitter

RT remote terminal

RTA receiver-transmitter antenna

RTB remote test basetmtreturn to base

RTC recruit training command

RTN return

RTP request for technical proposal

RTR receiver-transmitter

RTSP II real time signal processor

RTU remote terminal unit

RU replaceable unit

RUWS remote unmanned work system

RV relief valve

RVDT rotary variable differential transformer (transducer)

RVL rolling vertical landing

RVR runway visual range

RVV runway visibility value

RWR radar warning receiver

RXMT retransmit

S&L shipbuilding and logistics

S/L switch/light

S/N serial number

S/V survivability/vulnerability

S/W software

SA systems analysis

SAB shared avionics bench

SAC system auxiliary computer

SACG selective antenna coupler group

SADR selective address

SADT structured analysis and design techniques

SAHRS standard attitude heading reference system

SAIC science applications international corporation

SALAN sensitivity analysis of linear active networks

SAMIS ship alternate management information system

SAMT simulated aircraft maintenance trainer

SAR safety action record

SAR search and rescue

SAS stability augmentation system

SAS survival avionics system

SASITS submarine advanced signal training system

SASP single acoustic signal processor

SASTS submarine advanced signal training system

SAT select at test

SAT system acceptance testing

SATCOM satellite communications

SAU signal acquisition unit

SBB supplied by bidder

SBIR small business innovative research

SC source code

SC subcontract

SCADC standard central air data computer

SCAS stability control augmentation system

SCC significant character code

SCCB software configuration control board

SCCB software change control board

SCD source control drawing

SCE standard computing element

SCF scheduled change factor (milestone modifier)

SCFE subcontractor furnished equipment

SCHLT search light

SCI serial communication interface

SCI supplemental card indicator

SCM simulator operations and maintenance

SCM software configuration management

SCMP software configuration management plan

SCMT ship control maintenance trnr (trident-11d99)

SCN specification change notice

SCOT ship control operator trnr (trident-21c10)

SCP single card processor

SCP software change proposal

SCP supplier change proposal

SCPB f-14 software change proposal board

SCPM stars composite process model

SCR silicon control rectifier

SCRB software change review board

SCST submarine combat system trainers (21a series)

SCTR sector

SDB serial data bus

SDBL supportability design baseline

SDC shaft driven compressor

SDC signal data converter

SDC super data coder

SDD software design document

SDDD software detailed design document

SDE software development environment

SDEX standard executive

SDF software development file

SDGW structural design gross weight

SDIO strategic defense initiative office

SDL software development library

SDLM scheduled depot level maintenance

SDMS shipboard data multiplex system

SDP software development plan

SDR software design review

SDR software discrepancy report

SDR system design review

SDRD supportability design requirements document

SDRL supplier data requirement list

SDV swimmer delivery vehicle (special warfare)

SE software engineering

SE support equipment

SE system engineering

SEA NYMPH an/wlq-4


SEAFIRE navy shipborne electro-optical sensor & laser target desig

SEAFOX special warfare craft light

SEAMIS navsea acquisition management information systems


SEAS surveillance environ acoustic supp

SEAWARS sea water actuated release system (air)

SEB support equipment bulletin (tdc 63)

SEC secondary

SEC secure

SEC support equipment change (tdc 62)

SECAS ship equipment configuration accounting system

SECNAV secretary of the navy

SECVOX secure voice (comm)

SEE software engineering environment

SEI software engineering institute

SEL select

SEM standard electronic module

SEMATECH a consortium

SEMDP senior executive management development program

SEP software enhancement proposal

SEP system engineering process

SEPG software engineering process group

SEQ sequence

SERD support equipment recommendation data

SERNO serial number

SES surface effect ship

SEU sighting electronics unit

SEU system electronics unit

SFGL name of french software company

SGML standard generalized markup language

SHA system hazard analysis

SHIPALT ship alteration

SHP shaft horse power

SHPL shp left

SHPR shp right

SHSC safety hazard severity code

SIADS sensor integration display sharing (an/sqq-89)

SIG GND signal ground

SIL silence

SIL silent

SIL simulation integration laboratory

SIM simulation ship's inertial navigation system

SIM software engineering environment (see) information model

SIM subsystem interface unit

SIM simulate

SIMAS sonar in-situ mode assessment

SIMSYS simulation system (software)

SINCGARS single channel ground and airborn radio system

SIP system integration plan

SIT system integration test (software/hardware integration)

SJAG software engineering environment (see) joint activities group

SKIPPER weapon system

SL sea level

SL shelf life

SL short landing

SLAC shelf life action code

SLCMP software life cycle management plan

SLCSE software life cycle support environment

SLEP service life extension program

SLIN sub line item number

SLIR side looking infrared

SLMM submarine launched mobile mine

SLN sequence line number

SLS sea level standard

SLWT side loading warping tug (landing craft)

SM&R source maintenance and recoverability code

SMC secondary (shadow) mission controller

SMCC special material content code

SMD ship manpower document

SME subject matter expert

SMIC special maintenance item code

SMILS sonobuoy missile impact location system

SML support material list

SMR source, maintenance, and recoverability

SMS surface missile system

SMTP simple mail transfer protocol

SNAIAS ship's navigation and aircraft inertial alignment system

SNAP shipboard non-tactical automated data processing

SNDL standard navy distribution list

SNSR sensor

SO standing orders

SOCD see operational concepts document

SOF safety of flight

SOF special operation forces

SOJ stand-off jammer

SOL solenoid

SOM simulator operation and maintenance

SOM system operators manual

SOMM system organizational maintenance manuals

SONAR MT sonar maintenance trainer

SOP standard operating procedure

SOSTR shut off starter

SOSTRL sostr left

SOSTRR sostr right

SOV shut off valve

SOW statement of work

SP space and power

SPAWARS space & naval warfare systems command

SPC software productivity consortium

SPCC ship parts control center

SPDL standardized page discriptor language

SPDR software preliminary design review

SPEC specification

SPF single point failure

SPHR sphere

SPKL spark rate left

SPKR spark rate right

SPM software programmers manual

SPMS software process management system

SPNR spinner

SPNSN sponson

SPO systems program office

SPP sponsor program proposal

SPR software problem record (report)

SPRT support

SPS software porduct specification

SPS software productivity solutions

SPTD supplementary provisioning technical documentation

SQAP software quality assurance plan

SQEP software quality evaluation plan

SQL squelch

SQL standard query language

SQMB senior quality management board

SQPP software quality program plan

SRA shop repairable assembly

SRB safety review board

SRB solid rocket booster

SRCH search

SRCHLT searchlight

SRD system readiness test

SREM software requirement engineering methodology

SRL software reuse library

SRR software requirements review

SRR system requirements review

SRS software requirements specification

SRS-1 combat df (outboard)

SRT system readiness test

SRU shop replaceable unit

SRVM specification requirements verification matrix

SS attack submarine (conventional powered)

SS RDR surface search radar

SSA software support activity

SSA strapdown sensor assembly

SSAG auxiliary submarine

SSAS signal security assessment system

SSB single side band

SSB support software bulletin (tdc 96)

SSBN submarine ballistic nuclear

SSBN trident submarine

SSC service school command

SSC skill specialty code

SSC support software change (tdc 95)

SSCV surface subsurface clearance vehicle

SSD emergency escape/survival device

SSD software support date

SSDD system/segment design document

SSDG ship service diesel generator set (ffg-7)

SSDS single ship deep sweep

SSEP sub surveillance equipment program

SSER system safety engineering report

SSES ship's signal exploitation space

SSFC solid state frequency changer

SSG attack guided missile submarine (conventional powered

SSHA subsystem hazard analysis

SSI structural significant item

SSMP supply support management plan

SSN attack submarine (nuclear powered)

SSP software support package udi-s-21276a/mod

SSP stars standards portfilio

SSPM software standards and procedures manual

SSPP system safety program plan

SSR software specification review

SSS system/segment specification

SSSA systems software support activity

SSTD surface ship torpedo decoy

SSU saybolt seconds universal

SSW surface ship warfare

SSWG system safety working group

SSXBT (an/bqh-7)

ST self test

ST software test

STA static test article

STA station

STAB stabilizer

STACS a-6e

STARS software technology for adaptable, reliable systems

STAT station

STAT status

STBY standby

STD software test description

STD standard

STDL submarine tactical data link program

STDY steady

STE special test equipment

STEP spec to executable program;

STEP standard for exchange of product model data

STEP surface warfare training evaluation program

STHD stored heading

STIM stimulate

STIM stimulation

STIR separate track and illuminating radar

STO short takeoff

STP software test plan

STR software trouble report

STR software test report

STR store

STR structures

STRAP sonobuoy thinned random array program

STRICOM simulation training & instrumentation command

STRT start

STT schedule training time

STTWG submarine training/trainer working group

STVTS submarine tactical visual training system

SUBS subcontractors

SUM software users manual

SURTASS surveillance towed array sensor

SV/C survivability, vulnerability/crashworthiness

SVIP secure voice improvement program

SVT system validation test

SW software

SW switch

SWAMP severe wind and moisture problem

SWCL special warfare craft, light

SWCM special warfare craft, medium

SWDP software development plan

SWNRAC surface warfare naval reserve advisory committee

SWOS surface warfare officer school

SWP space, weight and power

SWS strategic weapons system

SWTG surface warfare trainer group

SWTP software test plans udi-t-21263b/mod

SWTRB surface warfare trainer review board

SWWBDS software work breakdown structure (mil-std 881)

SYM symbology

SYS system

SYSCOM systems command

SYST system

T top

T&E test and evaluation

T/F terrain following

T/R transmitter-receiver

T2 compressor inlet temperature

T3 compressor discharge air temperature

TA terrain avoidance

TA training agent

TAAD task assignment and directive (ntsc-3930/26)

TAC table assignment chart

TAC total accumulated cyclestmttactical air control/command

TACAMO take charge and move out

TACAN tactical air navigation

TACC tatical air control center

TACCO tactical coordinator

TACDEW tactical advanced combat direction & electronic warfare

TACL tac left

TACLERON tacticial eletronic warfare squadron

TACNAV tactical navigator

TACR tac right

TACTAS tactical towed array sonar

TACTERM tactical terminal

TACTS tactical aircrew combat training system

TAD temporary additional duty

TADC tactical air direction center

TADIXS tactical data info exchange subsystem

TADMUS tactical decision making under stress

TADSTAND tactical digital system standards

TAEAS tactical asw environmental acoustic support

TAEG training analysis and evaluation group

TAGB tilt axis gearbox

TAM table assignment metrix

TAOC tactical air operations center

TARPS tactical airborne reconnaissance program system

TAS target acquisition system (tacdew mk 23)

TAS true airspeed

TASPE towed array signal processing equipment

TAT turnaround time

TBA to be assigned

TBAT towed buoy antenna trainer (trident-8d35)

TBD to be determined

TCAP trainer corrective action program

TCB target control system bulletin (tdc 78)

TCC target control system change (tdc 77)

TCCB trainer change control board

TCL thrust control lever

TCMDR troop commander

TCN tacan

TCNP tacan point to point

TCO technical contracting office

TCP trainer change proposal (tpecp)

TCP/IP transmission control protocol/internet protocol

TCPR trident command & control system problem report

TCR task change request (ntec-3930/25)

TD technical directive

TD technical director

TD technical documentation

TD tradevman

TD training device

TDC technical directive code

TDC trident data center

TDD technical discussion document

TDD temporary design departure

TDF tactical digital facsimile

TDL tactical data link

TDMA time division multiple access

TDMP training device maintenance plan

TDP technical development plan

TDP turbine exhaust pressure

TDR time domaine reflectometer

TDSP technical data support package

TDY temporary duty

TE training equipment (device)

TEC temporary engineering change

TEC type equipment code

TECCB training equipment change control board

TECD training equipment change directive

TECP trainer engineering change proposal

TECR training equipment change request (form 4720)

TEECP training equipment engineering change proposal

TEES transportable electronic exploit system

TEMP test and evaluation master plan

TEMPEST interference control technology for radiated or conducted

TEOP trainer development management plan

TEPP test and evaluation program plan

TERF terrain flight

TESS tactical environment support system

TESSDL training equipment sub-system data list

TEWDS tactical electronic warfare deception system

TF terrain following

TF/GM terrain following/ground mapping

TF/TA terrain following/terrain avoidance

TFCC navy command and control system afloat

TFR terrain following radar

TFU turret flir unit

TGT target

THDG true heading

THOTS technical hands-on training system

THR threshold

THR thrust

TIC technical information center

TID task identification code

TILT tiltaxis

TIM technical interchange meeting

TIMM task identification management matrix

TIP terminal interface program

TIP trainer improvement program

TIS training integration system

TIXS tactical information exchange system (otcixs)

TLA training level assignment

TLAM tomahawk land attack missile

TLCSC top-level computer software component

TLT tilt

TLWR top level (warfare) requirements

TM technical manual

TMC technical manual code

TMCR technical manual contract requirement

TMDC technical manual data card

TMDL technical manual data list

TMI technical manual indicator

TMMT technical manual management team

TMP technical manual plan

TMPODS technical manual print-on-demand system

TMT trainer management team

TMTC technical manual technical council

TNK tank

TOA total obligational authority

TOCAP trainer operation corrective action program

TOP turbine outlet pressure

TOPL top left

TOPR top right

TORCH shipboard infrared countermeasures

TORT tactical operational readiness trainer

TOS training ojective statement

TOTS tower operator training system

TOW tubelaunched opticallytracked wireguided

TPAM target recognition attack multisensor

TPC training path chart

TPCS technical program control system

TPD test program disk

TPDR technical publications deficiency report

TPECP trainer peculiar engineering change proposal

TPI test program instruction

TPI threads per inch

TPL thrust power lever

TPO tentative program objectives

TPP total package procurement

TPR technical proposal requirements

TPS test program set

TPS training path system

TQE torque

TQE2 tqe right

TQL total quality leadership

TQM total quality management

TQR torque rotor

TR transformer rectifier

TRADOC army training and doctrine command

TRAM target recognition attack multisensor

TRAM technoloy & risk assessment meeting

TRAN transfer

TRD test requirement(s) document (data)

TREE transient radiation effects on electronics

TRG target

TRI-TAC program

TRICCSMA trident command & control system maintenance activity

TRID training requirement identification display

TRK track

TRK UP track up

TRQ torque

TRR test readiness review

TRU test replaceable (repairable) unit

TRU transformer rectifier unit

TSA trainer support activity

TSA training support agent

TSEC tactical speech security equipment

TSEC transmission secure

TSEP tactical signal exploitation program

TSI tactical situation indicator

TSOT trident sonar operator trainer

TSR technical software review

TSR test strategy reports

TSS training system software

TSSA training systems support activity

TSTAs tailored ship training availabilites

TT technology transfer

TTACT table top aircrew coordination trainer

TTD technical training device (simulation system)

TTE technical training equipment (tactical/operational)

TTEL tools and test equipment list

TTF trident training facility

TTG trainer test group

TTGP tactical training group pacific

TTL transistor transistor logic

TTP trainer test procedures

TTPRR trainer test procedures and results report (udi-t-25594)

TTRR trainer test results report

TTSA trainer tactical software activity

TTT team tactics trainer

TUE trainer unique equipment

TUNA tunable attribute display sub-system

TURB trainer update review board

TUSS trainer unique subsystem units

TVIB turbine vibration

TWCS through water communications system

TWG technical working group

TWT traveling wave tube

UART universal asynchronous receiver/transmitter

UAV unmanned air vehicle

UBA underwater breathing apparatus (mk 15)

UC update code

UDATS diver underwater tv system

UDI unique data item

UE user equipment

UHF ultra high frequency

UHF DAMA uhf satellite demand assigned multi-access

UI unit of issue

UI user interface

UIC unit identification code

UIMS user interface management system

UJT unijunction transistor

UM unit of measure

UMTS universal maintenance training system

UNCRYPT universal cryptological processor training

UOC usable on code

UPD update

UPR upper

URT universal remote terminal

USAF united states air force

USB upper side band

USMC united states marine corps

USN united states navy

UTIL utility

UTM universal transverse mercator

UUT unit under test

V&V verification and validation

V-COM swimmer delivery vehicle (sdv) comm system

V/M/S vision/mission/strategy

V/STOL vertical/short takeoff and landing

VA maneuvering speed

VADS verdix ada development system

VAPI visual approach path indicator

VASI visual approach slope indicator

VAX digital equipment corp 32 bit mini-computer

VCR video cassette recorder

VCX tactical air warfare combat logistic support

VDD version description document

VDI video

VE value engineering

VECP value engineering change proposal

VERT vertical

VFR visual flight rules

VH speed, horizontal flight

VHF very high frequency

VIB vast interface bulletin (tdc 88)

VIB vibration

VIC vast interface change (tdc 87)

VID vertical indication display

VID video

VIDS visual information display system

VIDS/MAF vids maintenance action form

VIDS/MAF visual information display system/maintenance action form

VL vertical landing

VLAD deep passive sonobuoy

VLAD vertical line array difar

VLC very low clearance

VLF very low frequency

VLV valve

VMC visual meteorological conditions

VME versa module european

VMS vax virtual monitor system

VOC volts open circuit

VOD vertical on-board delivery

VOR vhf omnidirectional range

VOR/ILS/MB vhf omni range/instrument landing system/marker beacon

VROC vertical rate of climb

VRR voice recognition response

VRS video recording system

VS stall speed

VS vertical speed

VSB vast system bulletin (tdc 86)

VSC vast system change (tdc 85)

VSD vendor shipping document

VSD vertical situation display

VSI vertical speed indicator

VSIL v-22 system integration display

VSLED vibration structural life and engine diagnostics

VSTOL vertical/short takeoff and landing

VSWR voltage standing wave ratio

VTO vertical takeoff

VTOL vertical takeoff and landing

VTR video tape recorder

VV&A verification, validation, and accreditation

VTXTS undergraduate jet flight training program sys

VX best angle of climb speed

VY best rate of climb speed

W/S weapon system

WA work assignment

WAN wide area netowrk

WAVS wide angle visual system

WB wet bulb

WBS work breakdown structure (mil-std 881)

WC work center

WCC warfare commander's conference

WCC warfare commander's course

WCA warning/caution/advisory

WDM watch dog monitor

WF fuel flow

WF POS fuel flow (metering valve) position

WFE engine fuel flow

WFEL wfe left

WFER wfe right

WFOV wide field of view

WG wing

WG wire gage

WHT white

WID width

WIN wwmccs intercomputer network

WIP weight improvement program

WIP work in progress (process)

WIU wing interface unit

WL water line

WMED medium endurance cutter (uscg 270)

WORD 2 bytes (16 bits) of digital computer storage

WORM write once read many

WOW weight on wheels switch

WPAFB wright patterson ait force base

WPC work package concept

WPE word processing equipment

WPN weapons procurement navy

WRA weapons replaceable assembly

WRU weapons replaceable unit

WS weapon system

WS wing station

WS wing stow

WSAP weapon system acquisition process

WSECP weapon system engineering change proposal

WSF weapon system file

WSHLD windshield

WSIP seapon system improvement program (s-3)

WSPD weapon system planning data

WSPD weapon system planning document

WST weapon system trainer

WT weight

WTHR weather

WTT watch team trainer

WTT weapons tactics trainer

WUC work unit code

WUF work utilization form

WWMCCS worldwide military command and control system

WX weather

WYPT waypoint

X x window system

X3H4 framework convergence working group

X3H6 irds working group

XADR transmit address

XCHANGR exchanger

XDCR transducer

XFMR transformer

XFREQ transmit frequency

XMIT transmit

XMT transmit

XMTR transmitter

XTI x/open transport interface

XTRAN cross transfer

XVT x virtual terminal

YAG miscellaneous auxiliary (self-propelled)(misc)

YAG yttrium aluminum garnet

YBD bowdock

YC open lighter (non self-propelled)

YCF car float (non self-propelled)(lighter)

YCV aircraft transportation lighter (non selfpropelled)

YD floating crane (non self-propelled)(misc)

YDT diving tender (non self-propelled)(misc)

YF covered lighter (self-propelled)

YFB ferry boat or launch (self-propelled)(misc)

YFD yard floating dry dock (non self-propelled)

YFN covered lighter (non self-propelled)

YFNB large covered lighter (non self-propelled)

YFND dry dock companion craft (non-self propelled) (misc)

YFNX lighter (special purpose)(non self-propelled)

YFP floating power barge (non self-propelled) (misc)

YFR refrigerated covered lighter (self-propelled)

YFRN refrigerated covered lighter (non selfpropelled)

YFRT covered lighter (range tender) (self-propelled) (misc)

YFU harbor utility craft (self propelled)(lighter)

YG garbage lighter (self-propelled)

YGN garbage lighter (non self-propelled)

YHLC salvage lift craft, heavy (non self-propelled) (misc)

YIG yttrium iron garnet

YM dredge (self-propelled)(misc)

YNG gate craft (non self-propelled)(misc)

YO fuel oil barge (self-propelled)(tanker)

YOG gasoline barge (self-propelled)(tanker)

YOGN gasoline barge (non self-propelled)(lighter)

YON fuel oil barge (non self-propelled)(lighter)

YOS oil storage barge (non self-propelled) (lighter)

YP patrol craft (self-propelled)(misc)

YPD floating pile driver (non self-propelled)(misc)

YR floating workshop (non self-propelled)(misc)

YRB repair and berthing barge (non self-propelled) (misc)

YRBM repair, berthing and messing barge (non self-propelled)(misc)

YRDH floating dry dock workshop (hull) (non self-propelled)(misc)

YRDM floating dry dock workshop (machine) (non self-propell)(misc)

YRR radiological repair barge (non self-propelled) (misc)

YRST salvage craft tender (non self-propelled)(misc)

YSD seaplane wrecking derrick (self-propelled)(misc)

YSR sludge removal barge (non self-propelled) (lighter)

YTB large harbor tug (self-propelled)

YTL small harbor tug (self-propelled)

YTM medium harbor tug (self-propelled)

YW water barge (self-propelled)(tanker)

YWN water barge (non self-propelled)(lighter)

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